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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Personal Testimonies of Ex-Members

The following story is from an ex-member:

I thought I would share a little of my story. It took me along time to accept that I didn't need to live as a member of the TT before I could be accepted by God.

It took a lot longer than 4 years. I was still defending them on Factnet not more than two yrs ago. I Have grown up you might say since that time.

It takes courage to face the truth of one's beliefs. When put to the test some of them come up empty or even ugly. It is hard to accept but accept it we must if we are going to do what we all set out to do in the first place, meet God face to face. On His terms not ours. God is Truth, should we not seek truth with all our effort? If our beliefs are found to be false or ugly we should abandon them. As difficult as it is to abandon one's beliefs it is much less painful than turning our backs on God.

I have associated with the TT for nearly 25yrs. It could have been any group like them. I lived with several throughout those years. They all had people who were clearly lovers of the truth. Most of them were Amish and or Mennonite background. There is still life deep within those traditions as well. I think I liked the TT because of the culture as well as the message.

I remember when the first three eternal destinies paper was published. It was in Island Pond VT. For a Christian that teaching was an answer to prayer. It was hard not to find a denomination that wasn't condemning another denomination to hell, without trying to find one that thought anyone that didn't go to church on Sunday in America could ever please God.

The three eternal destinies answered the question of what was going to happen to everyone else but me and few select others on the earth that were lucky enough to figure this out.

The spirit of God is everywhere. We should be content with our lot in life and spend our time trying to make sure that everyone less fortunate than ourselves is cared for to the best of our ability. The more you give, the more you are given. That is God's work.

  • The widows and orphans are his priority.
  • The homeless living in the woods.
  • The wounded soldiers that sacrificed there lives for their country.
  • The starving children all over the world.

Those are the people that God cares for the most. They are the most needy, it would only make sense. Should it not be our most pressing need? Groups like the TT wouldn't even need to exist if we had the moral will to change some things in this world.

When I really exited the TT was when I grew up.

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misericord said...

Thanks ex-triber. I too have lived in and associated with a number of communities over the years. I never really had an experience with God and His Holy Spirit until I broke away. Then the deep things of God began to open up to me as I read the bible for myself, and the focus of taking care of those in need around me as He continues to bless so that I can continue to help others also opened up.


Anonymous said...

the SPIRIT of god is not everpresent as many would like to beleive. we are all creations of go god but, the wicked also were created by him and do not live by his SPIRIT, and that goes even for the righteous who do not quite live by his word, but go on in their own understanding.

nabashalam said...

"and that goes even for the righteous who do not quite live by his word, but go on in their own understanding."

Kinda describes you...

Anonymous said...

quite possibly, but i'm working on that.

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