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Monday, February 4, 2008

Late Breaking TT News - More leaders defect 02/04/08

Reliable sources report that the Ithaca Community Coordinators for the Twelve Tribes, Elahav and his wife and kids have left the Twelve Tribes. Details are sketchy but our thoughts and prayers go out to this man and his family.

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Anonymous said...

Elahav is how it was spelled, i think- like..the love (ahav) of God- (El)...
Malqosh is his wife. (the latter or evening rains)

"Defected" really is a highly charged word. Negative. Insensitive, if I may say that without offending.

A neutral word to describe it could simply be "leaving" perhaps? Going on to the next chapter in their life? Something like that.

Just my opinion.

Soooo...does anyone know their given names by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah- Malqosh and one of her beautiful children are pictured on this page.

nabashalam said...

How about religious disaffiliation?

also known as defection by some...

Anonymous said...

their names are tom and sara

AzA said...

Some Links that may be of Interest


Anonymous said...

how about the guy decided to leave for whatever reason and so what? who is this guy to you that you should be so concerned? does he hold some special trinket of knowledge that you want? perhap he left knowing what he was doing and landed with his two feet on the ground and walked like a man! if he was a leader of other men i'm sure he knows how to take care of at least one! just an observation.

nabashalam said...

Panterus, when posting and are asking questions could you please let us know who the question is addressed to? I dont know if your asking Voice, myself or any other of the posters here...

The topic of this thread is breaking news about the TT. Many ex-members and even current members like to know what's going on in and out of the Tribes. Many of us know or knew Elahav and his family. It is a time for many of us to rejoice when we hear of people "escaping" the TT. Especially when it is someone higher up in the ranks and when they have been in the Tribes for decades and finally leave.

Also it is a way some can reconnect with some of our old friends and also see if they need help of any kind that we might be able to fulfill.

Why do you have such a bitter tone? Care to talk about it?

Peace! David Pike aka nabashalam/ex-yathed/Daveed Yathed

Anonymous said...

i was responding to the original post and i was not angry just straight forward

Anonymous said...

i wonder why he uses those quotation marks, on the word escape, must mean its not really what going on but he likes to call it that.

Nate and Dawn said...

Does anyone have their last names? I understand they "moved" to Florida and we would really love to get in touch with them. To hear from them first hand why they left. My name is Nate and my wife is Dawn and we are considering becoming members of the TT,. We knew them personally and they should remember us. We are not wanting everyone elses comments at this time.( Just a side question: What do ex members do for...worship or ...fellowship? What is their faith now and how do they live it out? Please respond to esp if you have info on Elahav and his family!! Thanks Nate

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that Marsha Spriggs aka Ha'emeq (Yoneq's wife) never received any discipline or was asked to leave the community for the affair she had with the younger disciple. I've know of members having to leave for 7 years to life for similar sins. What's going on?

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