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Monday, January 14, 2008

Interesting Discussions

In addition to experimenting with my own discussion board, "Common Ground Cafe", I thought it would be helpful to create some links to discussions that are/have already taken place between, ex-members, current members, potential members, TT sympathizers and other interesting people. Many people are still trying to heal from years of abuse under coercive authoritarian religious groups such as the Twelve Tribes. Many question their belief in God and are searching for answers. You will gleam valuable information about how life is truly lived within the Twelve Tribes communities. Sit back with a cup of java and investigate what members, sympathizers and ex-members have to say and if you like, join in the discussion.

  • Homeschooling and Children's Use of their Imagination - This discussion explores the method the TT use to educate their children. Also discussed is the teaching that children are not allowed to use their imagination to "Fantasize" (pretend).

  • The Twelve Tribe's Apostle of God Yoneq - This discussion explores the claims of Elbert Eugene Spriggs and his origin from an offshoot of a Christian church to the self proclaimed return of Elijah. Is he telling the truth or just delusional?

  • Sexual Abuse in the TT Part I - This was a discussion that took place a number of years ago. Given the anonymity of online bloggers it is impossible to validate the reality of claims that are made. Although real names are given of known members and leaders within the group which give the conversations som backing. FACTNET did not reveal IP addresses at this time and there was a large amount of anonymous posters. There seemed to be a great deal of interaction from members within the TT at this time. Notice the reaction and attitudes (spirit) of those claiming to be within the TT.
  • Sexual Abuse in the TT Part II - This is the second thread on this topic. Some news articles document actual cases of alleged abuse and how the TT responded. Additionally a number of personal stories are shared by ex-members. Very disturbing information and interaction of TT members on the discussion board.
more to come.......

Disclaimer - The thoughts and opinions of the online posters within these discussion threads do not necessarily represent the views of YATT and its contributors.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wow, reading the posts on Factnet, I realize who some people are IN the community, leaving their posts, I thought internet use was only for some people, but once again it is for the people who have the power to do what they want. Certain rules for certain people in the community...Well, I guess the main point im trying to make is that the Community, advances at the expense of people like me..Im not going as far to say the Blood, but the guilt is on their heads, and the message I get is that it is somehow always my fault, they always want to put the blame on me..This type of behavior really bothers me..I feel I am a fairly honest person, and as far as the community, very sincere..It is the people with more power and/or authority there that dismiss all kind of issues with religious dogma, that seemed to happen all day long, the only alternative is to go with the flow..I think I am a weak person when it comes to expressing what is really in me, and I feel mowed over, like by a steam roller, when I was there..LIving in the Light, I thought was the point of being there, but deep down, I think that is not a common practice...Well, as always, I am grateful to be able to share, on this forum, or any other, I went years not being able to share my experience, and when I tried to connect with the Community, I would be the blame to any issue I had, this I really despise, the way that made me feel...Even saying' the way it made me feel', I can recount someone saying to me in authority, 'We dont live by our feelings here', it is the stupid and unknowledgable content that some, or maybe alot, of people have there that is abominable to me...Well, again, I appreciate this forum, the freedom to think and express real feelings.Thanks

For my German Speaking Visitors

Follow this link to review a presentation made by Leipzig student Florian Böhnhardt.

Boehnhardt Zwoelf Staemme 2007

For my French Speaking Visitors

Interesting news article concerning the Sus House (castle) and controversy in France with the Twelve Tribes.

Entre bric à brac et vie de château, les drôles d'apôtres de l'Ordre Apostolique... (Tabitha's Place)

Click on the following link to get a wealth of information from an Anti-Cult Site in France

News Reel-1 on Tabitha's Place

News Reel-2 on Tabitha's Place

Place a checkmark beside all items that characterize the group in question. If you check many of these items, and particularly if you check most of them, you might consider examining the group more closely.

The above check list comes from Dr. Michael Langone, editor of Cultic Studies Journal, and often characterize manipulative groups. Dr. Langone suggest prospective recruits and family members compare these statements to the group. If one or more of these apply to your group you may have a cause for concern. I say, if all apply as in the case of the Twelve Tribes, you should repent (turn 180 degrees) and run.

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Elbert Eugene Spriggs

Ok - This one is a little angry, but therapeutic just the same

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