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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Interview with Michael Painter and James Howell - #11-17

Interview with Michael Painter and James Howell, 1/23/93.
Michael Painter was in the Communities for 18 years and started many of the Communities’ "cottage industries," and James Howell was Spriggs personal secretary and third in command for over a decade.

Video 11

Video 12

Video 13

Video 14

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Video 16

Video 17

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Anonymous said...

was m. painter really in the community for that long? he certainly doesn't show the fruit of it. and j howell was he really even there?

Disciple said...

They were there a long time. I met they both in 1989 and 1990 in Island Pond before "the pond emptied out" and members were sent out to more new locations around the country. You want to talk about fruit?...Look at Yoneq Spriggs who has repeatedly condemned all of Christianity and the clergy/laity system. Yoneq is the Pope of the Twelve Tribes. Gene and Marsha are the unquestioned unquestionable king and queen of the Twelve Tribes. And Marsha never received any discipline for her adulterous affair which she lied about and current members either deny or say was exaggerated. yeah right...Other members have been sent away for 7 years for the same thing. Not her highness though. Elbert and Marsha are untouchable, uncorrectable, unrebukable, undisciplined.

For my German Speaking Visitors

Follow this link to review a presentation made by Leipzig student Florian Böhnhardt.

Boehnhardt Zwoelf Staemme 2007

For my French Speaking Visitors

Interesting news article concerning the Sus House (castle) and controversy in France with the Twelve Tribes.

Entre bric à brac et vie de château, les drôles d'apôtres de l'Ordre Apostolique... (Tabitha's Place)

Click on the following link to get a wealth of information from an Anti-Cult Site in France

News Reel-1 on Tabitha's Place

News Reel-2 on Tabitha's Place

Place a checkmark beside all items that characterize the group in question. If you check many of these items, and particularly if you check most of them, you might consider examining the group more closely.

The above check list comes from Dr. Michael Langone, editor of Cultic Studies Journal, and often characterize manipulative groups. Dr. Langone suggest prospective recruits and family members compare these statements to the group. If one or more of these apply to your group you may have a cause for concern. I say, if all apply as in the case of the Twelve Tribes, you should repent (turn 180 degrees) and run.

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