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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Michael Painter and James Howell - Missing Videos 7, 10, 24

I will add the following video clips to the appropriate past postings for new viewers. But for those of you who have been following my posts, attached below are the final videos I had not previously included. These video's had some off-air conversations that needed to be edited out before they could be published and it took me some time to educate myself on how to do that. Enjoy.

Video #7 - Discussion on the "Damaging affects of living in the Twelve Tribes" and Gene Spriggs and Eddie Wiseman have TV's in their closets.

Video #10 - Discussion on Gene Spriggs and the Island Pond Raid

Video #24

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Anonymous said...

oh wow, you found em', THEY WERE MISSING, and you actually went out and found em'! why would you want to go out, and find em'?

Eric Christopherson said...

Some may find this very strange, but as an ex-member who has been especially caustic toward the communities at times and written very critical words, I plan to return to live at the communities in the near future.

I'd appreciate it if the "89 Reasons For Leaving" that I wrote in approx. 1998 be removed from this site, for it does contain untruths that I wrote in anger.

I wish all the very best

I have not found a more meaningful daily life where people love God and Yahshua, and each other, and welcome others.

Perhaps some of you will now consider me an enemy, I don't know. But I just want what's best for each person.

I know my brothers and sisters in the communities still love me. And I want that kind of love also, and not waste any more years of my life.
Eric Christopherson

Anonymous said...

I was sent away from the tribes in 1999, after I tried to repent for faults I made, I was told I was not repenting and that I only had a worldly sorrow. I was homeless as a result and sent away from my wife and children. When I tried to point out that Christ commanded in Luke 17 verse 4 that " If a brother sins against you seven times a day and comes back saying I repent, you shall forgive him". The sheered said, " We just can't forgive someone if they say, I Repent because if we did people would keep sinning over and over again." After he told me that I tried imagining him telling Christ that after what He commanded in Luke 17 verse 4. I thought about that proverb that says, There is a way that seems right that leads to death, knowing that 1 John says if we claim to know Him yet are unwilling to obey Him we become liars and the truth is not in him. I realize now there will be alout of deception in the last days, and there are alout of people who think their saved and are not including Christians because of Act 3 verse 22 thur 24 which speaks of what moses said saying, Another prophet will come like me and unless one obeys everything He says they will be cut off. I also thought of 2 thessolonians chapter 2 about the powerful delusions that will deceive many. A delusion is a spiritual representation that appears to look like the real thing but is actually deviated or off course or watered down, like putting a little poison in wine. So I remain very cautious about any group who claims to know Messiah, especially since the evil one is leading the whole world astray. My conclusion is one is better living by their conscience rather to claim to know Messiah but are unwilling to obey everything He commanded. Ex tribe member.

Nabashalam said...

Anonymous... I tried coming back the last time I left and no matter what I did or said I was cut off pemanantly. Why? Because I pissed Yoneq off by going to Bob Pardons place for help... he said "Go back to Bobs if you need a place to stay... I wasn't homeless, I was living with my parents.No problem... Yoneqs huge ego was offended. And you know what? Bob found out about what Yoneq had said and he personally wrote me and said I would always have a place there... Now THATS what Yahshua would do... FUCK the TT! Forever! may Yoneq have a long and painful death... He has hurt so many others and destroyed lives and families... He deserves a taste of his own medicine... COME ON KARMA! DO YOUR MAGIC!

Unknown said...

Same here tryed to go back but same story was not welcome was to worldly

Nabashalam said...

Unknown... that was a secret blessing brother! :)

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